So, why read my blog- another blog by another mom? What will it have?

My vision for this blog:

-Share my passions: food, cooking, family, kids, Christ

Food: Share all the fascinating information I accumulate about food and health. I love to eat REAL FOOD, local food, food that is so good for your body. Our family has removed processed food, sugar, and processed grains from our diet in an effort to eat REAL FOOD.

Cooking: I love to cook. I grew up with a father who was and is an outstanding cook. I sat and watched him cook and many times got to act as his sous-chef as he prepared dinner- chopping, grating, stirring. Menial tasks but none the less it gave me a passion for cooking. I will share recipes, tricks of cooking delicious food in a realistic manner- considering the time you have as a mom and budget.

Family: I will share a taste of my family and our passions.

Kids: I have three amazing little kids. I am so thankful to have been given them and the opportunity to mother them. I will share my struggles and successes as I am challenged in this role.

Christ: I hope that my love of Christ and my strife towards the diligence he has called me to as a mother is prevalent in my writing.

Sharing the passions of a mother.