Sometimes I feel that I spend unnecessary money- I’m sure no one identifies with me… When you go to the store to get the items on your list there seems to always be something that you inevitably “need”. Since, I meal plan for the month, I really do know what I need each week, and I basically stick to it… but there is some deviation… and if Target makes it onto the errand list- something always seems to end up in my cart besides the needed TP and diapers…

So, I have decided to challenge myself to stock up on the things I use regularly. And not go shopping for 3 months starting November 1. (Note two exceptions: (1) Raw Milk and Buttermilk at Lassens (2) $20 for fruits and veggies a week at Farmer’s Market). I have spent this past month stocking up on the usuals: whole wheat flour, oats, dried beans, pasta, cheese…

Some things that will help:

-meal planning

-stocking up

-that I have already been baking everything myself for a few months

-our CSA of veggies we get every Friday

-our 7 chickens- EGGS!!

-the idea of bartering- Barter eggs or organic pork (from our pigs) for bananas and other things we like

-planting a garden

My goal is that even though I have exceeded my monthly grocery budget in stockpiling items, I will save substantially in the next three months. AND not only will I save money BUT I will also save time– time shopping… I also think this will help me rely on myself, the things I have on hand, local ingredients, and avoid the temptations of commercialism.

I will keep you updated as the three months pass.