Oats, Whole Wheat Flour (3- 25 lb bags), Brown Rice, Dried Cranberries (there’s are the best)


ground turkey x 2, corn tortillas x 3, organic ground beef x2, frozen organic blueberries x 4, tuna, salmon, frozen wild sockeye salmon, organic olive oil x 2, toilet paper, some red meat, cheese: cheddar x 4, mozzarella x 2, Parmesan

Trader Joe’s:

butter x 8, toothpaste x 2, enchilada sauce x 4, soap


Organic whole wheat pasta (a variety), banana (peel, wrap, freeze- for smoothies), dried beans

Farmer’s Market:

buy 2 flats of strawberries- freeze for smoothies


2 gallons raw honey (from Bennett’s Honey Farm in Fillmore)