There are so many benefits to shopping for ingredients locally: fresh, whole food, delicious, a way to teach your children where food comes from, supporting local agriculture and business in your community, healthier, good for the environment- cutting down on long travel… I highly recommend reading Real Food and In Defense of FoodUnderwood Family Farm for a revamped food perspective. Food is such a huge part of life whether we enjoy cooking and eating or not- it makes me think that we should be pretty deliberate about the food we eat and the industries we choose to support through the direction we send our dollar.

Here are some Ventura County Local Favorites:

  • Old Fashion Country Butcher 805.933.3968, Santa Paula (cheap chickens- takes a few weeks- not a butcher you stop in and get a piece of meat.. he can also hook you up with other cuts of meat- will have to buy in bulk)
  • Bennett’s Honey Farm in Fillmore- Raw, organic, delicious, and the best price I have found- $29 for 12 lbs (they also have smaller sizes)
  • Ojai Farmer’s Market for organic veggies/fruit and a wide range of other products- meat, chicken, turkey, etc.
  • Ventura Farmer’s Market- Wednesday at the mall/Saturday downtown- lots of seasonal veggies
  • Ventura County Farmer’s Markets
  • A & F Country Market on Olivas Park Dr. in Ventura- local veggies if you need something during the week
  • McGrath Family Farms (stand on Central in Camarillo)- organic, local produce- open all week. They also have a CSA
  • Underwood Family Farms– not organic but they have pick-your-own opportunities throughout the year (Amazing blueberries in the spring, Roma tomatoes- great for canning- Labor Day Weekend for $.20 a pound, raspberries…
  • Mushroom farm on Olivas Park
  • CSA- Rio Gozo Farm (also has a little market in Ojai), McGrath in Camarillo
  • Grow your own garden
  • Organic Pastures Raw Milk in Fresno, you can buy at Lassens