As I continue to work on GIVE SPEND SAVE in my own life through budgets, personal allowances, tithing, saving 10%… I want to instill this idea in my own children at a young age. We have a chore chart/expectations for the day that we sometimes struggle with: Getting Ready by 7:45, Clearing the Dishes, a general Chore category for whatever I deem a needed chore for the day, homework/Sunday School homework, the Big 3 to get ready for bed (PJs, Potty, Teeth) (thanks for that idea Kim!)… At the end of the week- if they completed their chores they get a quarter for each day. And then, they put them into this divided jar system I made (see below). This is hopefully slowly training them that of the money we earn we GIVE some back to God. We SAVE some. And then we have some to SPEND. My oldest daughter took some of her SPEND money to farmer’s market a couple weeks ago. There she tells me that she would like to buy some flowers for G.G. (my grandma) and bring them to her. So, with her spending money she did just that. It makes me think that some of the GIVE and SPEND plan are coming together- I can only pray that they all have hearts that want to give, care, and share.


Here is a free and cute chore chart I just ran across.