Thanksgiving has passed, yet the yummy taste of yams or sweet potatoes doesn’t need to… we all grew up with those golden round medallions smothered in brown sugar, butter, and topped with the oh so processed mini-marshmallow.

Some other yummy alternatives:

-boil until barely soft (easy to get skins off), peel, slice and put in a baking dish, pour apple or white grape juice until half way covered bake until nice and soft.

-same prep of the yam and then melt some butter and honey and drizzle over, add some toasted walnuts for a nice crunch

-same as above but add a few squeezes of lime juice, some pepper, a splash of rum, 1 T of orange rind, 1 T of grated ginger or try honey, lime, butter, and nutmeg

– add some sauteed onions in butter to the sweet potatoes baking in apple juice

Other recipes out there?