Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house its builders labor in vain

Simple yet profound. The secret to the success of a Godly home? Parents following God’s path? Ironically, I am getting ready to sell my home and move. Always a difficult thing- you set up “home” and there is a comfort in that for me and my children. Tears shed. And facing the mental battle of God’s plans vs. My own plans/wants… Even Christians get distracted by the world and fall into a labor that does not allow God the power to provide us with His promises… it distracts us from relying on Him- our faithful God. I need to resist the temptation to focus on the things of this world and dwell… this is not how I let the Lord build my house. So wherever my house is or wherever your house is let the Lord build it, move it, change it… fill it with His peace and love… dwell on the Lord and His Word.