I am a very goal-driven person. I have lists of daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals… I have accomplished many goals I had for myself- Master’s, kids, stay-at-home mom… Big goals, long-term goals are now less of a part of me. Not that I don’t have them, but they aren’t at the forefront of my mind. My goals involve keeping the house clean, baking bread, laundry, exercise, blogging a couple times a week, reading my Bible every morning before the kids get up… and repeating these goals week after week… just a different place in life than I used to be.

But, in the midst of all these repetitive weekly and daily goals, there is a place for goals in our mothering and in our wifing (made up word). We all have areas we need to improve on. I think as mothers we can easily let our daily and weekly goals fill our time, and we may miss out on being the mothers God has called us to be. Deliberate and intentional planning can counteract this tendency. I was recently inspired by a post from my friend Susan at Heartponderings. She talks about diligence in one post and then follows it up with this idea of intentional planning in another post. She has humbly identified areas where she lacks and really finds little passion, BUT she has also identified that these areas are necessary for raising her children and for running her home. I challenge us to all take a good look at our call to motherhood and the areas where we are not passionate BUT know we need to excel as we fulfill our role and calling. Please take baby steps or leaps if you so desire.

I have identified that this gosh darn computer I am typing on right now distracts me from motherhood and fulfilling the call of mother to the fullest. So, I have challenged myself to forgo the computer/email/blogging and whatever other distraction the computer seems to serve each day and only use it when my kids are asleep. This means in the evenings. I am on day 2… boy is it a close to constant temptation- sad to admit.