Resting usually does not fit into any sentence describing motherhood especially of young ones. Recently, I went away for the weekend with some mom friends- our only plan for the weekend was resting. We got up when we wanted, showered when we wanted, cooked when we wanted, went on a walk around a beautiful lake on a crisp November day with snow crunching under our shoes, went out to dinner… we didn’t have to worry about nap times and all the constant needs of our sweet little ones. We focused on ourselves and each other to some degree for two days. It really was true relaxation. I’m sure you can imagine this…

Sally Clarkson in Mission of Motherhood says, “How thankful I am that God showed me his path so that I can relax in each stage of childhood and find joy in my moments with my sweet ones, knowing that in my acceptance of his call, my children can rest in the peace and security of my commitment to them.”

With God at the wheel we really can find that same relaxation that I found this past weekend in our mothering. And our children are able to find that same rest as they know we are committed to them.  Relax this week as you let God steer and His peace cover you.