I have completed almost two months of my no shopping challenge (Christmas shopping and milk/buttermilk and fresh produce at Farmer’s Market have been the exceptions).

Observations thus far:

-It was hard to have much homemade food on hand one week when I was sick- but we made do- stocking up on some frozen meals and baked goods is key for the weeks when things don’t go as planned.

-Going Christmas shopping is tempting to buy more than is on the list- so nice to remove myself from this situation through this challenge- maybe I’m just weak.

-I love removing grocery shopping from my weekly To-Do list.

-Ranch Dressing!! I made the most amazing ranch dressing the other night when I needed some for a salad I made and didn’t have any. And not with a packet of seasoning… it was awesome… look for my next cooking class related to this.

-Supporting your local produce is such a great way to participate in your community, very green/environmentally friendly, and forces you to eat in season!

-Why would someone do such a thing?: save money, save time, rely on local agriculture, rely on yourself/abilities more

-Bartering: I have bartered with a number of friends for apples, bananas, coconut, coffee- This has been a fun part of the challenge- I have been blessed by these trades and love sharing fresh bread or granola or eggs or jam with friends! Anyone want to barter this week?