Dreaded Christmas cards- another thing to add to the holiday to-do list and take away from the goal of making Christmas as simple as possible? Yes and no. Yes they are another thing to do and can be cumbersome. BUT, they are a great way to communicate with some of the distant people in your life- give them a little snapshot of your life, kids growing up, etc. I guarantee they brighten many of the recipients days… add a handwritten note and you’ve probably made some of there days.

This year in an effort to save money and have my kids join in with the process of “Christmas Cards” we made cards using materials we have had around the house for years. The older two kids and I sat around the kitchen table during the baby’s nap time and made the most adorable cards if I do say so myself. It was a great use of materials and a great craft. The kids also were very excited to send them out! Then, I used one of those ‘get free prints’ and got 70 free prints from Snapfish. $24 later in postage and some time addressing and writing on the cards and we were done. Yes, a process and it took more time BUT the kids loved doing it!

I heard of one family that saves all the Christmas cards they receive each December and over the new year they pray for the families by choosing a card out of a basket every so often.