I am now on Day 3 of Month 3. Things continue to go well.

A few things I didn’t plan for:
-ran out of coconut oil (should have gotten 3-4 instead of 2 containers)
-almost out of oats (should have started with a full 50 lb bag instead of half)
-only have a couple more bags of beans which will be fine for the month considering my meal plan

If anyone wants to barter- eggs or bread for:
-dried cranberries from Lassens
-garbanzo beans (dry or can)
-melon (honeydew or cantaloupe)

At the end of the month I am still going to have an excess in my stocked up food- I will take note for the future and buy some of the stuff I am missing and continue on… I love minimal shopping and it really saves money. I spent around $1000 initially, and I spend $15-30 on dairy every week and a half and $15-25 on fresh veggies and fruit at Farmer’s Market. I’m thinking the total for the 3 months including stocking up will be around $1450 compared to $1800-2000 plus the time I saved AND I have a lot of extra food that I will continue to use.

One thing I have identified that I will do differently: since I am already going to Lassens, I will buy apples and bananas when I buy my dairy- apples are cheaper and better at Lassens than Farmer’s Market, and you can’t get bananas at Farmer’s Market- they are a wonderful staple for little ones!