I enjoy a warm cup of tea or a glass of iced tea. Here is some great information from my friend Taylor on the tasty beverage.

Here are some of the fun facts and reasons I enjoy white tea:

Minimal Processing: The buds and leaves (usually covered with a white hair… thats how it gets its name) are hand picked from only the youngest buds and leaves for only a short time each year (usually a few days in early spring… never during a rain or frost) then steamed and slowly dried.

Health Bennies:

-one cup of white tea has the antioxidant capacity of 12 glasses of oj

-rich source of EGCG which is known for its antioxidant/anticancer benefits

-Oregon State University shows white tea is 3x more protective against DNA mutations linked to cancer than green tea

-Great for detox programs… especially skin detox programs

Like I said today, all tea comes from the same tea plant (Camellia Seninsis)… which i think is super cool. Tea is defined by the way it is processed and where it is grown.

Green Tea: first tender leaves of spring are picked then rolled, steamed, or crushed and dried with hot air. Green tea leaves are not fermented.

Oolong Tea is semi-fermented for about an hour

Black Tea is fermented for about 3 hours than flavored with spices etc ( like Earl Grey with Bergamot)…

black tea: 50-80mg per cup
green tea: 30-35mg per cup
white tea: 15-25mg per cup

-depending on type, quantity, and amount steeped šŸ™‚