I of course have had to stock up on food as I have challenged myself to 3 months of no shopping. It has actually proven to be a time saver and quite helpful as I strive to organize my home and time to maximize my time with my kids… It is also key if you “go homemade”.

First, you need to find a source for buying in bulk. I know you can order quality food in bulk with a 10% discount from Lassens stores. You may be able to find some items at Costco or Sam’s Club. I also like to buy honey in bulk from a local source. Farmer’s Markets are another option- buy a flat of strawberries (in season) and freeze in bags for smoothies. You could also do this with veggies. If you find a good source for fish (a local harbor…) or meat (buying 1/4 of a grass-fed cow for example) you can stock up on meat too.

Second, decide where you are going to keep these things…

Third, buy!

Pretty simple and worth it.

Things I stock up on normally:

coconut oil

olive oil

whole wheat flour


brown rice

dried beans

strawberries, blueberries (freeze for smoothies)


whole wheat pasta

and more.