67. A tough baby, good doctor, and quick healing body- my 22 month old got 3 stitches on Monday…

68. A little girl’s excitement about her birthday- my oldest turned 6 today.

69. Getting to share my birthday with my daughter- I did not turn 6 today.

70. A quiet breakfast out with just the husband.

71. Great friends: encouraging emails, little bday gifts, invites to lunch, watching my little one so I can go out with my husband… such blessings.

72. Family that goes out of their way for you.

73. Trials.

74. The Book of Esther.

75. Our high school bible study kids- they are awesome!!

76. A warm day after days of rain.

77. Rain!! Now, we have some green on our hills.

78. Family teamwork- seriously not in a cheesy way.

79. Good food.

80. Crisp lettuce, juicy and flavorful tangerines.

81. Books, even thought it is rare that I finish one…

82. My new piggy bank- cute husband!!
holy experience