82. Seeing my grandma today- lots of prayer she is in the hospital

83. Marin telling me to shhh with her finger over her lips- she knew I was going to say it was bedtime.

84. Hearing my sweet children sing praises to God.

85. Honey- is it not amazing to watch bees make honey. Isn’t God amazing?

86. My husband cooking and cleaning up dinner. And it was yummy!! Can you do this more often?

87. Seeing my son start to work on writing- he brought home a paper of the Gs he wrote at school- he was so proud!

88. Walking.

89. Listening to my little girl read her children’s Bible.

90. All the fun times I have had with my grandma- she used to take my mom and I shopping every year before Christmas- we would buy gifts for everyone on her list, have lunch, and talk. That was always something I looked forward to. She would also take me shopping for my birthday. And I remember when she worked at Scott’s at the mall back in the day- and my brother and I would go to Broadway and have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch with her. And I remember playing dress up with her high heels, clip on earrings… in her big huge bedroom when I was a kid, and eggs with little pieces of bacon in them with cinnamon rolls… and going on a walk to the beach and then the store to pick out something to take home with us… and animal crackers in the box with the string handle… and driving her to LA to see her sister… and her pies for everyone in her life… and hanging out at her dress shop and having lunch with her friends and getting to help clear dressing rooms and always dreaming about getting to buy the clothes there and work there with the cash register… and tuna salad stuffed tomatoes over lettuce with cheese sauce- yummy!

holy experience