Monday: Ahi (marinated in EVOO, salt, and pepper) with homemade citrus salsa, Brown rice, Salad

Tuesday: Spaghetti with sausage, green salad

Wednesday: Lasagna with sausage, green beans, salad

Thursday: Leftover spaghetti, peas

Friday: Out to dinner

Saturday: Coq Au Vin (with one of our roosters), garlic mashed potatoes, steamed cabbage (with butter, salt, and pepper), salad

Sunday: Chili, cornbread, salad

Monday: Baked Chicken, Sweet Potato French Fries (cut in new mandolin), steamed broccoli

Tuesday: Minestrone Soup, Salad with Roasted Veggies (carrot, gr onion, fennel, apples- tossed in EVOO, garlic, s/p) and Goat Cheese, Irish Soda Bread

Thursday: Ahi Fish Tacos with Cabbage Slaw on corn tortillas, Roasted Carrots with ginger, garlic, s/p, EVOO

Friday: Leftovers, fruit salad, veggie plate with hummus

Saturday: Pork Chops, Brown rice, Salad with avocado/steamed beets/goat cheese/green onions/nuts/lemon vinaigrette/