A herb with small, gray-green leaves and tiny purple flowers (if flowering). “It has a strong, somewhat bitter flavor. Thyme is often used in her butters, stuffings, soups, and dishes with potatoes or beans… It is excellent in pasta sauce… important culinary herb in Europe, particularly in France. Lemon thyme is best suited in fish and egg dishes… and can be used to make herb tea.”

A friend and I are going to challenge our culinary skills and broaden our herb repertoire by focusing on a different herb every couple weeks or so. First up, thyme. I used it the other night in Coq Au Vin (a french dish). I also used it in a cream cheese herb dip I made. I plan on trying it in soup, pasta, roasted veggies, with eggs… Please feel free to share any great uses of thyme! I will share some with you as well.