We are all busy, and even when we have the strongest desire to provide our family with fresh, whole food it can prove to be a challenge, especially without planning and without a plan for those times when we are running out of time or energy and just want to go through a drive-through for some cheap food or sit down for a dinner for some more pricey food.

A great way to avoid these expected temptations is to double and freeze. We make many dishes that lend themselves to this great strategy: lasagna, enchiladas, chili, soup, stew, pasta sauce, pizza crusts… Take advantage of the time you spend making these dishes and make twice as much or more and freeze. You can pick up some oven friendly storage containers at Smart n Final or the like to make things even easier. Cook the food- fill the container and freeze. Be sure to label with the date, cooking instructions, and any additional ingredients you may need to add.

A few of these in your freezer can save your tummy and your pocketbook. When you are having a busy day, or find your self sick or tired- take one out to defrost if necessary or pop one in the oven with enough time to spare. Having cut up veggies and lettuce in the fridge or frozen veggies in the freezer can help you round out your meal nicely.

Note: Dinner doesn’t have to be “dinner”. If you didn’t plan to use a frozen meal and still want to avoid going out- scramble up some eggs, make some oatmeal or pour your kids some granola and give them a cheese stick for protein and some fruit or veggies and a glass of milk. They will love it! Be easy on yourselves- some days are just not standard “dinner” days.