We had two roosters that recently became vocal roosters, and when you have chickens in a neighborhood roosters ARE NOT part of the package! So, digging back into his farmer roots (which actually did not entail killing chickens) my husband killed our two roosters. If you have seen Food Inc. and recall the method Joel Salatin used that would be the method- or click on Joel Salatin and be directed to a YouTube viewing of the method for the curious. (Remember this is a video of a chicken being killed- so don’t watch if you don’t think you can handle it.)

After the roosters were “done”, he went through the process of gutting and de-feathering them. A few days later ,I decided to use one of them in a recipe traditionally designed to use a rooster, Coq Au Vin.

The dinner was delicious. Note: Coq Au Vin is not a light dinner, it is a very rich french dish. We used the extras to make some great, hearty chicken stock.