I get my CSA veggies on Friday, and I get the rest of my veggie needs met at Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Saturday afternoon during naps I like to wash and prep any veggies that need prepping and put them away in my fridge.

Some things that I do to help the week go more smoothly:

  • cut up veggies for snacks- put in a Tupperware of water. Ready to eat alone, with hummus, or steam or roast with dinner.
  • Chop up veggies that I am going to put in soup- throw them in a bag or Tupperware- ready to add.
  • Take tops off carrots.
  • Put beets or turnips in a jar of water
  • Put potatoes in a dark drawer.
  • Wash a salad spinner full of lettuce- ready for salads or smoothies during the week. When I run out wash some more. (Dump the water used for washing in a plant.)
  • Wash spinach and put back in bag.