Frugality is not a term I would have used to describe myself and my husband in the past. I don’t think we were overly-indulgent, but I don’t think we planned for thin times well. We had a budget that we followed, and we have always taken allowances individually. But, we also allowed for indulgences because it was fun, because we worked hard and we thought we deserved it… mmm got to love the subtle attitude of entitlement. Now, after a number of financial obstacles due to the hard economic times and their direct effect on us. We are making different choices and trying to live more frugally. We of course have our priorities that we spend a little more on- like food- real, whole, quality food is a priority of ours- but within that priority we are planning and using our groceries most efficiently.

Some of our changes:

-unplugging things in the house to avoid electricity drains

-shorter showers (trying to get to 5 minutes- quite the challenge)

-hang drying clothes- cut back on using the dryer A LOT!!

-using clothes more than once- not just putting them in the laundry- training my kids to do this when possible.

-taking much longer to consider larger purchases

-Starting to buy using Azure Standard, continuing with Farmer’s Market, and shopping plan

-continuing to meal plan– read about how to meal plan

-reusing, re-purposing- containers and what not

-going simple for gifts and planning that into our budget if needed


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