There are so many good reasons to buy locally grown food: support farmers in your area, support local jobs, support of agriculture on on a small scale and avoiding supporting crazy huge companies, getting food from the dirt (usually picked very close to the day you bought it), TASTE and quality, avoiding processing/packaging, good for the environment- food travels minimally compared to the average meal that travels around 1500 miles to get to your table! I’m sure you can come up with more great reasons? And eating locally grown food does not break the bank! I get these local free range, organic chickens for $5 each. And produce at Farmer’s Market have better prices than the grocery store in many cases.

Resources for eating local:

Local Harvest

Eat Wild

Sustainable Table

-Your own garden!

For Ventura County:

Farmer’s Markets– a great family affair

Ojai Farmer’s Market

CSAsRio Gozo Farm in Ojai is very affordable- create a group and share a bin if a bin is too much food for your family.

-Local butchers and fish markets (Old Country Butcher, Frank’s Market, fish at the harbor…)

Bennett Honey for raw honey in Piru! love it and best prices on raw honey anywhere.