It is such a blessing to invest some of you in others. God made us relational creatures, and he has given us the ability to touch and bless others through our time, words, inspirations, passions, crisis… My husband and I have been blessed to lead a high school Bible study once a week for the past almost 4 years- how time flies! These high schoolers have blessed us beyond belief. I pray that God has used us in some way in their lives as well, but in the hopes of serving and giving high schoolers more adults in their life to rely on, we have been blessed. We pray, learn, share, laugh a lot, and grow together.

Tonight, as I listened to one girl share about sharing her faith with some non-Christians, I was blown away by the reliance she has on God and the growth that her faith has undergone in the past years! As I listened to a couple others, I was impressed and humbled by their honest and real prayer requests they shared with our group. Each one of these “kids” who are really young adults maturing into their own impresses me with their faith, their walk, and their real challenges they face as they find their way through the high school years. I am blessed to have them as a part of my life.