I’m sure that this question prompts a long brainstorm of things you want to instill or encourage or even train in your children as they grow into independently functioning adults.
Some things that may come to mind:
-a variety of life skills: brushing teeth and flossing, cleaning up after yourself, cooking…
-developing their talents, passions, and interests
-character traits: honesty, patience…
-a passion to serve others

The list probably moves from simple to complex in your mind as your child grows and matures. Have you spent time thinking about what you want to instill in them and how you will go about doing that?

Right now, I want my children to be polite and have good table manners (among other things). So, as part of their chore chart we are working on a different skill at dinner each week. Last week, we worked on putting our cup in the top right hand corner of their place mat. That was our only table expectation for them last week. This week we are working on saying “please” and “thank you”. I am trying to deliberately and slowly work on the things I want to instill in my children age appropriately.

How are you identifying these things and working to instill them in your children? What does your time, your child’s time, the activities you choose to participate in, the time you spend as a family reflect? Thoughts for pondering…