Time is a precious commodity that expires at rapid speed daily. We don’t get x done, we don’t call y, we don’t have time to do z for ourselves… We live rushed and busy lives that demand a lot of us. We control our time (although it seems it may be the other way around at times.)

All day, we are running on time, or not on time, or out of time. But, we are in charge of the time. When things don’t go our way or the planned way it is hard to realize and fully appreciate God’s control of time. God’s control of our lives. And it is hard to fully appreciate His perfect timing, especially when in conflict with our “perfect” timing.

Over the past few years, I have come to realize through a long list and a variety of life lessons how perfect His timing is despite my opposition, understanding, or appreciation in the moment. Now, as I struggle through a situation, waiting for something to happen, or whatever I am constantly reminding myself of God’s perfect timing that supersedes anything I may perceive as perfect. Let’s remember who has the big picture- beginning, middle, and end.