Where to buy: Farmer’s Market, CSA

How to Make

  • If you are going to use it mushy- put the whole squash in the oven until it is soft- cook at 375
  • If you are going to cube it and roast it or throw it in a dish- cook it in the oven until the skin is softening, let cool, remove skin

Ideas: throw into a veggie pasta dish with alfredo sauce; roast and cool put in a salad with sautéed onion, dried cranberries, honey candied walnuts; throw into mac and cheese; put on top of pizza with red onions and goat cheese or gorgonzola; in a salad with roasted leeks or onions and fennel; cook with maple syrup or butter and honey like you would sweet potatoes; put into a coconut curry dish

Recipe Search Ideas: Butternut squash and apple soup; butternut squash lasagna; pasta stuffed acorn squash; cubed and added to pasta