First, I live in Southern California above Los Angeles and below Santa Barbara. There is a lot of farmland, a lot of fresh produce and farmer’s markets, and access to amazing food. I knew things would be different on the trip- not many places are able to indulge in year round growth of produce.

Second, I love food, cooking food, quality of food, etc.

Third, I am on a long road trip with my family. We have to date traveled through seven states.

As I have traveled and grocery shopped in these seven states, I have noticed prices are comparably better to home at Trader Joe’s; produce are less available, less fresh, and there are fewer organic options. Raw milk is more readily available- different states different laws, love that you can buy it from a farm- talk about fresh! Not surprisingly, farmer’s markets are not open until about now. I have also been to a few restaurants that are rated well for the area and type of food and just flat out suck. Salads with bag iceberg and the “Italian” dressing that doesn’t separate… What?!

We are spoiled back home with great restaurants, fresh produce year round, gardens year round… the food really is amazing and flavorful.  I may sound like a food/produce snob but seasons change things and distance inhibits availability and quality. People with seasons- appreciate the spring and summer and freeze and stock-up for the cold times!! People without seasons- shop farmer’s markets, csa’s, etc. and take advantage of your unique location in the world!

Note: I have had some delicious homegrown food, homemade food, and amazing cooks cook for me!