My grandma passed away a week ago; today was the memorial service and “celebration” of her life party. It was a beautiful day, exactly how she would have wanted it! Yet, there is still a sadness and a void straining to be filled by the many, many memories of this amazing lady I was blessed to have as my grandma!

I spoke at her funeral, thought I would share:

My grandma was a beautiful, generous, and sweet lady. Everyone who met her loved her.

My kids loved their GG and loved visiting her. They made her cards and pictures when she was sick. Little Marin would drag her around the house; Mason would jump on her chair or bed; Mackenzie would talk to her and tell her stories. I hope they brought her more joy than grief from the red jello spilled on white carpet and rough housing on couches.

Not only was she a blessing to my kids, she has been one to me. I was lucky to get to spend lots of time with her growing up: grilled cheese sandwiches at Broadway, sleep-overs complete with the beach, treats from Vons, boxes of animal crackers, dress up with her high heels and clip on earrings, eggs with bacon and cinnamon rolls in the morning; black Friday and birthday shopping trips, hanging out at BBKs and eating stuffed tomatoes for lunch, drives down south to visit Betty… She always made time for us and made us feel special.

And then all the little things that were Her: boysenberry pies, ice cream roll for birthdays, melting moments and stockings at Christmas, Ginger ale in the fridge, Early Times, her white tin pan of toxic smelling cleaner, black sweaters and pearls, her necklaces, her candies, cards, thank yous…

My memories are many and great and like my brother Sean said recently, “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.” I’m going to miss her humor, conversations, and just seeing her. But I’m so thankful for the life she shared and the legacy she left behind.

She taught us so much… to share your food and home with family, friends, and strangers. To make people feel special through dinner invitations, a note, a gift, or a pie. How to dress with style, how to keep a home and how to entertain. She taught us to value family, to have fun, to laugh, and to fill your home with people. I thank her for the love, manners, and lessons she instilled in me. I love you grandma. Our memories are treasures.