My beautiful, two year old, bundle of energy wakes up and heads into our room for a cuddle. After slowly waking up from a good night’s sleep, she tells me “Breakfast Mama.” We get up and eat some breakfast- she loves granola (“nola”), fried eggs, fruit, milk, pancakes, kefir, smoothies…

After breakfast, I do the dishes and she goes and takes off her clothes and cruises around nudie for a bit. The rest of the day she spends busy as a bee:

-she “helps” clean with spray bottles and towels

-she “helps” herself to milk or a snack whenever I turn my back (go to the bathroom, go to get dressed, help one of the other kids)- cleaning usually proceeds this activity

-she climbs any and all counters

-she opens any and all containers

-she opens the front door

-she applies make-up

If your back is turned she will be “helping” herself in some way. She has perfected the art of observation and follows the lead of me and her siblings almost perfectly- the only exception is the mess that proceeds the “help”.


-She opened up a lip stain lipstick and put it on while wearing a bunny mask- lip and face stained- she innocently says, “I do lips.”

-Went to get dressed- when I came out, she was sitting in her chair with a plate of ketchup, eating it with a spoon. “I eat ketchup, Mama.”

-Poured herself a cup of iced tea. “I thirsty Mama.” And keeps walking past me.

The list goes on and on. It may sound like I don’t watch her, but she is just fast and is inclined to take care of herself when know one else is in the room. She keeps me on my toes to say the least. I don’t trust her at all but love her drive and spirit.

Isn’t it fascinating the different personalities our children have and the way they manifest themselves in the family unit?