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Just an update, we are still “on the road”. We have traveled through 11 states, over 6,000 miles, laughter and tears, highs and lows, good days and bad. We are currently hanging out in Texas and leaving for Oklahoma tomorrow. Fun times, beautiful sights, more than we could have imagined! {the blog}

This seems to be the theme of the last few years of my life-  the road appears to be going in one direction and then takes an unanticipated and sometimes shocking road less traveled. There have been many times I have not handled this change of events well. At this point, I have a new attitude that I can only pray can stick with me for a life time.

Mantras and Prayers that have helped me graciously and without tantrum change gears and take the “new” road:

-ALL in your time Lord

-Your will be done

-It is all about God’s timing- His perfect and undisclosed timing!

-Get down on your stubborn and change resistant knees and listen and pray to your faithful God!!

I have also learned the priceless value of starting my day with time with God- in prayer and in His word. It changes my day and has changed my life. A little sacrifice of sleep to spend some quiet moments with the God who has a plan and purpose for each of our footsteps and the prints they leave.

May God bless each of you today in whatever it holds.


Greens: Spinach, Chard, Kale, Collard Greens, Beet Greens…

Where: Farmer’s Market, CSA

Sautéed Greens- use any greens- mixing works well too

Sauté chopped greens with 1-2 cloves crushed garlic, 1-2 T apple cider vinegar, EVOO, salt and pepper. If you cook bacon for the pasta dish below- you could sauté in the bacon fat.

Serving Suggestions: as a side, with pasta (bacon or pancetta and goat cheese added- butternut squash and/or fresh sage or thyme would also be nice additions), added to a marinara sauce and pasta, layered into lasagna or enchiladas, with eggs, in quiche or a frittata or scramble, served with or without meat over brown rice with a miso or rice wine vinegar dressing, added to roasted veggies as a side, Penne with greens (sausage, pine nuts, sprinkle feta on top), add to white beans (sage, parmesan, and a vinaigrette would work nicely together- add chicken if desired for a meal); add nuts and raisins; add an onion; serve as a salad with a Caesar or Peanut dressing or blood oranges and nuts; use white wine instead of apple cider vinegar; add to risotto

Greens Cooked with Chicken Broth

Cook chopped greens with a couple garlic cloves in chicken broth (homemade preferably.

Serving Suggestions: as a side, layered into lasagna or enchiladas, with eggs; put in a baking dish and top with bread crumbs, butter and parmesan- bake until golden

Steamed Greens

Steam and serve with butter, salt, and pepper. Could squeeze some lemon onto them, grate some ginger on them, sprinkle some chili flakes on them… Warm spinach salad with fresh or roasted tomatoes, bacon, and toasted pecans and red wine vinaigrette.

Raw Greens

  • In a smoothie with fresh squeezed oj or whole milk, plain yogurt, banana and whatever fruit you have on hand or frozen (pear, mango, berries, pineapple, apple…)
  • Added to soups, stews
  • Spinach salad with blood oranges and fennel
  • Spinach salad with feta, pine nuts…
  • Spinach salad with steamed or roasted beets, avocado, feta, red onion, pistachios, blood oranges with lemon vinaigrette

Please take note of the ingredients on the foods you buy! You will often be surprised to say the least. Even when something seems simple you can find corn syrup, soy lecithin, and a myriad of other difficult to pronounce ingredients.

When you make your own snack foods (and other foods) you are cutting out the guessing game of what things are and what is ok to serve…

Here is a fun and easy recipe for Graham Crackers your kids and you are sure to enjoy.


1/3 c EVOO, 1/3 c honey, ¼ c milk, 2 T molasses, 1 tsp vanilla, 2 ½-3 c whole wheat flour, 1 tsp baking powder, ½ tsp baking soda, ¼ tsp salt, 1 tsp cinnamon

Mix all together- by hand, food processor, or mixer. A little sticky is ok- add flour if necessary- works well to mix with your hand once pretty incorporated. Grease a cookie sheet. Press/Roll out the dough to pretty thin on the sheet- don’t worry if it doesn’t cover the whole sheet. Cut and/or poke holes where you want them to break. Bake in 300 degree oven for 20-25 minutes- If you want them very crisp- let them sit in the oven with the door open to crisp up.

Tip: Use a kids rolling pin (may need to cut the ends off to work with your baking sheet) to roll out the dough.

I am working through the last chapter of the Beth Moore Esther study (highly recommend). She says, “How blessed we are to be women. By nature we like to do things together. Work and play. Laugh and grieve. Eat and pray. Live and die. A large measure of enjoying womanhood is enjoying a heart connection with other women.”

I am very blessed to have many amazing women in my wife that nourish many areas  of my life through their friendships. These women encourage me in my walk with Christ, challenge me to seek God more, encourage me in my role as a parent and a wife, prompt intelligent banter and thought, bless me with their lives and who they are…

I pray for each one of you and every woman that they can find a space in this crazy world to find and nurture relationships with other women. Church, bible study, a mom’s group, a small group, a playgroup… God will bless you so much through these relationships!

Praise God for amazing women in our lives!

So, if you happen to be moving and going on a trip here is the list for you:

Closing up the home:
-cancel water
-cancel trash
-cancel gas
-cancel electric
-cancel TV/phone/Internet
-cancel gardener
*You can do some of these online, and you can do all of these ahead of time- at the same time change your address on the accounts for last bills.

-arrange for any income to be direct deposited
-have a relative become a signer on any local bank accounts you hold
-set up through Bill Pay your bills to be paid for the time you are on the trip
-change addresses on bills, magazines, insurances, all accounts
-change your address at the post office (online)
-change your address at the DMV (also covers you for voting)
-Budget out your trip

Moving Tips:
-go through each room, looking for: donations, give-aways, craigslist/ebay/selling worthy items- start a couple weeks before you want to start packing
-Pack and move to the garage immediately non-essential items (books, etc.)
-Start the tear down/packing portion when you are ready to be done comfortably living in your house- keep this as quick as possible- enlist friends help- girls night!
-Make sure you have plenty of packing tape, boxes (check with friends, craigslist for free boxes), packing material (bubble wrap, newsprint…) BEFORE you start
-Make a meal plan that is doable for you during the crazy packing weeks- frozen pizza, dinner with friends or family, PB&J, salads

Trip Tips:
-make a packing list
-pack your car, bags, trailer… as you pack up your house
-finish this up before the crazy packing begins!

155. Our house sold
156. We are going on a trip- thankful for the place in our lives where we can do such a random thing.
157. Easily-adjusting children.
158. An amazing creation to travel around and see.
159. My to-do list is shrinking.
160. Sleep- I look forward to sleep every night- a time to stop thinking, figuring things out, and getting through my to do list.

holy experience

I haven’t been writing much lately. Between getting ready to move and all that goes with that, getting ready to leave on a trip for a few months, and normal life time is limited. I will keep you updated in the coming weeks.


149. Easter Sunday!
150. Our house sold.
151. My oldest daughter’s excitement about Jesus and Easter- she has been making these little books about the serious of events and how everyone felt…
152. The letters my son was writing today.
153. A new bed for my two year old- works much better than the crib with the rail down- thanks!
154. The ability to live a life without fear when you walk with and rely on Christ- His plan, His timing…

holy experience

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