Starting this next school year, first grade for my daughter, I have decided to homeschool. I am very excited about this endeavored and feel that this is our calling for our children’s education right now. I am following a classical model and the strategy outlined in The Well-Trained Mind- a book I highly recommend if you are perusing homeschooling.

Curriculum as of now:

Language Arts

Spelling:  Spelling Workout A (B is 2nd grade and C is 3rd grade) $7.57 for each workbook

Grammar: First Language Lessons– covers 1st and 2nd grade $9.50 You may want First Language Lessons 3 (reusable)+ workbook $52.43

Math: Singapore Math– textbooks $11.20 each (2 per year), workbooks $10.80 each (2 per year), Home Instructor’s Guide $16.80 each (2 per year, reusable)

History: Kingfisher History Encyclopedia $19.77, The Story of the World Activity Book 1 $23.07 and Volume 1 $16.47, The Usborne Internet Linked Encyclopedia of World History $13.59, Globe, Wall Map, Blackline Maps of the World $15 (may get free somewhere)- all reusable!

Science: DK 1st Animal Encyclopedia $11.55, The Kingfisher 1st Human Body Encylopedia $11.55, Green Thumbs: Guide to Indoor and Outdoor Gardening $10.17-  All reusable use for all

Art: Drawing with Children $12.21 and something that has paintings to study… or Artistic Pursuits $42.95×3 (reusable)

Bible: The Child’s Story Bible (in order by date- may work well with history) $18.15 (reusable)